USDA Certified Organic CBD Distillate & THC Remediation Services

It’s official! Treehouse now offers USDA organic 0% THC CBD distillate*. That means you don’t have to decide between a potent cannabinoid profile or organic anymore. If you’re looking to achieve the best profile possible from your own organic full spectrum extract, ask us about our USDA organic THC remediation services.



USDA Organic Seal

Treehouse is your partner in CBD compliance.

Take it from one of the leading consumer brands in CBD.

“As compliance around CBD and hemp ingredients evolves, I have become increasingly thankful for the partnership we have in Treehouse. I’m not only unburdened by that fact that their ingredients meet all compliance standards, I can also rest assured that they have a watchful eye on upcoming changes and/or increases in regulation. Treehouse has been fantastic to work with and I look forward to our continued business!”

– Quality Assurance Manager, Shikai

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CBD isolate in Rotovap

Our 5 cannabinoid promise.

Treehouse’s Elemental line of 0% THC CBD distillates* contain at least 5 detectable cannabinoids – more cannabinoids than any other. This is achieved through our natural processing that enhances the inherent cannabinoid profile of the hemp extract instead of tearing it apart.

Learn more about our Elemental Gold CBD distillates that contain more natural cannabinoids than any other CBD distillate available.



Hemp Leaf and Hemp Extract

Setting the standard in CBD quality control.

That’s not a stock photo – it’s our very own in-house analytical lab. Our QC team tests every batch at each stage of extraction, applying their pharmaceutical experience to hemp processing. These testing protocols along with our patented technology maintain the high quality consistency between batches that our customers count on. Raw material and final products are also tested at ISO 17025 accredited 3rd party labs.


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