Anything Is Possible


When President Obama signed the Farm Bill of 2014, it allowed farmers to begin legally growing high CBD hemp plants across the nation. In that instance, the U.S. industrial hemp industry was reborn. For small businesses, it meant the chance to create consumer-first products… one where health finally took precedence over the high.

The new definition of industrial hemp created immense economic opportunity, but also challenges. Farms growing hemp that year found out that as soon as the hemp was extracted the THC levels would rise well above the limit of 0.3% THC. One of these farms called our founders worried that they wouldn’t be able to sell their product. They said removing the THC would be impossible. Our founders heard that as an opportunity and, in that moment, Treehouse was born. Our founding team put their heads together and developed our now patented THC-removal technology.

Rooted in science, Treehouse grew out of impossibility. Today, it’s that same scientific method and innovative mindset that leads us to the most advanced and reliable hemp products on the market. Products we can share with the world… and still sleep easy at night.


Advance research and the quality of life — one cannabinoid at a time.

Today, investigation of cannabinoids is just beginning. We aim to drastically expand the scope of current industry research, targeting an abundance of the cannabinoids to unlock near-infinite possibilities for custom-tailored combinations of cannabinoids and potencies.

We are propelled by a core group of intelligent, ambitious PhD scientists, united in the pursuit of responsible research, application, and innovation. Our research stays true to a foundation of traditional biotech methods, while seeking untapped promise in non-traditional applications — utilizing both approaches we hope to develop and deliver groundbreaking advancements in the chemistry and biochemistry of cannabinoids, molecule by molecule.



Our Team

A treehouse is only as good as the crew that calls it home. Our team is made up of Ivy
League scientists, independent thinkers and most importantly, good people. From
compliance to marketing, we push one another to innovate, keep each other true to the
mission, and collaborate every day to bring safe, reliable products to the industry.

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Jake Black, CEO & Founding Partner

Dr. Jacob Black, PhD is a founding partner and CEO of Treehouse, a premier manufacturer of hemp-derived ingredients with a dual focus on the advancement of the scientific research of cannabinoids. Dr. Black and his team have authored multiple patents pertaining to THC removal, custom cannabinoid formulations, cannabinoid isolations, and cannabinoid conversions. As a renowned public speaker and thought leader in the industrial hemp industry, Dr. Black speaks often on his work and the biochemistry of cannabinoids.

Dr. Black obtained his PhD in Organic Chemistry from Yale University and his B.S. in Chemistry from Villanova University. At Yale, Dr. Black worked with Professor Ziad Ganim on the development of new optical tweezers methods for performing single molecule spectroscopy, and was awarded the prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. At Villanova, he was awarded membership to the Phi Beta Kappa Society and conducted research under the tutelage of Professor Kevin P.C. Minbiole synthesizing antibacterial amphiphiles to understand their medicinal chemistry. He has authored multiple papers on both medicinal chemistry and new spectroscopic methods, work that contributes to his understanding and continuing research on cannabinoids.

Scientific Leadership

Robby Davis, PhD Chief Scientific Officer

Robby received a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Vanderbilt University, a M.Sc. in Chemistry and Biochemistry from Villanova University and a B.S. in Biology with Honors from James Madison University. Throughout his academic career his research interests and publication record ranged from microbiology and ecology to medicinal chemistry and natural product total synthesis. As CSO he leads a team of chemists working to advance the industry in cannabinoid isolation and formulation.

Sean Colvin, PhD Senior Researcher

Born and raised in Colorado, Sean began his chemistry career at the University of Colorado where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in chemistry and biochemistry while researching enzyme activated anti-cancer drugs. He then moved to New Haven, CT where he earned a PhD in organic chemistry from Yale University. Sean’s doctoral studies involved the development of oxidation methodology using aspartyl-peptide catalysts. Upon returning to Colorado, Sean joined Treehouse as a Senior Researcher.

Tom Smeltzer, M.Sc. Senior Researcher

With research focusing on the synthesis of electropolymerizable thiopenes, Tom received is BS in chemistry from Hope College. He attended graduate school at Yale University where he earned his MS studying β-selective glycosylations of deoxygentated sugars and the synthesis of antimicrobial compounds for drug resistant pathogens.