Important Documents To Keep On File

We know it’s critical to have quick access to compliance documents when working with hemp-derived ingredients. Find a resource library below for all of our most requested documents. Always feel free to reach out to our sales team with any additional needs and keep scrolling to find the COAs for your batch!

Trace Your Batch

Every incoming lot of hemp is tested for pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, and THC-compliance. Each finished product is tested for potency, pesticides, heavy metals, microbial, and residual solvent. We validate all 3rd party data against our in-house data to ensure accuracy. Search your unique batch ID to view the 3rd party results for your product below.

Broad Spectrum Powder1/21/2020HP-01-018
Elemental Extract E3 (Undetectable THC)2/6/2020EE-03-006
CBD Isolate1/21/20200038-01-007
CBD Isolate1/13/20200038-01-006
CBD Isolate12/24/20190038-01-005
CBD Isolate12/14/20190038-01-004
CBD Isolate12/18/20190038-01-003
CBD Isolate11/11/20190022-01-006
CBD Isolate10/28/20190022-01-005
CBD Isolate10/8/20190022-01-004
CBD Isolate10/4/20190022-01-002
CBD Isolate8/6/2019JD-040
CBD Isolate8/14/2019JD-041
CBD Isolate10/4/20190022-01-003
CBD Isolate9/25/20190022-01-001
Elemental Extract E19/11/2019EE-01-001
Elemental Extract E19/25/2019EE-01-003
Elemental Extract E110/82019EE-01-004
Elemental Extract E210/3/2019EE-02-001
Elemental Extract E39/16/2019EE-03-004
Elemental Extract E39/27/2019EE-03-005
Broad Spectrum Powder8/26/2019HP-01-017