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CBD (Cannabidiol) Isolate

>98% Purity, Guaranteed.

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Available Batches:
0051-01-015:Potency, Heavy Metals, Residual Solvents, Microbial and Pesticides


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Why Your CBD Isolate Manufacturer Matters

Quality and compliance still vary widely between CBD isolate suppliers because of lack of regulation and experience. It is important to work with a supplier you trust and that has a comprehensive compliance program.


Here’s why companies choose Treehouse for bulk CBD isolate.

1. cGMP Certified
Our cGMP certification through Eurofins under category 21 CFR Part 111 assures that the proper processes are in place and that our CBD isolate is safely produced.

2. Purity Guarantee
Our closed loop crystallization system, designed and built by our very own science and engineering team, ensures consistency batch-to-batch.

3. Experienced Experts
Treehouse began manufacturing CBD isolate in 2015. We’ve had the same core team of scientists and engineers since then. Our team is the most experienced in the industry.

4. Quality Control
Did you know that Treehouse has its own analytical lab? We analyze every batch at each stage of production. If you’re curious, our CEO would love to talk to you. After all, his PhD covered spectroscopy.

5. Quality Assurance
Nothing enters or leaves Treehouse without passing stringent quality assurance criteria as tested by ISO accredited 3rd party labs. Each batch of CBD isolate is tested for potency, pesticides, microbial, heavy metals, & residual solvents.

6. Reliability
We’ve put a lot of effort into our product delivery. Your CBD isolate will arrive in tamper evident HDPE leak-proof containers that are properly labeled along with physical copies of the COAs every time you order.

7. Service
Our sales team is quick, helpful, and resourceful. Expect full attention from your dedicated account manager who will provide you with direct access to our science and compliance teams.

8. Future Oriented
Our science team is constantly innovating and our compliance team keeps an eye on which accreditation to pursue next. With Treehouse, you’ll always be ahead the rest.

CBD Explained By A PhD.



What Our Clients Are Saying

"We have been buying our CBD isolate exclusively from Treehouse Hemp since 2016. We are never disappointed and neither are our customers. We know we are getting an excellent product based on the COA's they provide with every batch. The customer service is great, very friendly and professional. We have asked a lot of questions and they always have someone who can answer them honestly and intelligently."
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Quality & Compliance


Our hemp is grown on licensed farms in Oregon, Washington, and Colorado. Each lot of raw material must pass the following criteria before entering Treehouse production:

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green check icon Heavy Metal
green check icon Pesticide

cGMP Certified Processing

cGMPs provide for systems that ensure consumer safety, including the proper design and control of CBD manufacturing processes and facilities. Our dedicated QC chemist analyzes each CBD isolate batch at every stage of production in our premier in-house analytical lab. This is how we ensure the consistent high quality wholesale CBD isolate that Treehouse is known for.

Final Product

All final products are tested at ISO accredited analytical labs that our quality assurance and science teams have fully vetted. Our wholesale CBD isolate is packaged in food safe tamper-evident containers and come with the following analyses:

green check icon Potency
green check icon Heavy Metal
green check icon Pesticide
green check icon Residual Solvent
green check icon Microbial