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Broad Spectrum

An easy to use, free-flowing, all hemp-derived powdered extract with a powerful broad spectrum profile. You’re welcome.

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CBD Isolate

Pure and simple, this is the highest quality CBD isolate available and it’s derived from single-origin organically grown hemp.

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Elemental Extracts

Everything a whole hemp extract should be, jam-packed with minor cannabinoids and consistent batch-to-batch profiles.

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Water Soluble

Solve your water solubility conundrum with our flavorless and shelf stable encapsulation. Available as powder or liquid.

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Chain of Custody

We believe everyone deserves to know exactly what’s inside of their hemp products. That’s why all Treehouse ingredients are made traceable back to the source and tested for mycotoxins, pesticides, heavy metals, THC-compliance, microbial and residual solvent. Want to learn more about the test results for your product? Look up the certificate of analysis anytime by using your unique batch ID.

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You’re Questions Answered

We’re dedicated to providing reliable and accurate resources on the biochemistry of cannabinoids. Check out our blog where our PhD chemists break down extraction and the most up-to-date scientific findings.