USDA Organic Certified THC Remediation

From The Inventors of THC Removal Via Chromatography

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8 Reasons Why Customers Choose Treehouse Solventless THC Remediation

1. Robust Cannabinoid Profile
Unlike chromatography, we retain and enhance the minor cannabinoids.

2. Including CBN
Using nature’s graceful lead, we gently convert THC into CBN.

3. USDA Organic Certified
Finally! USDA Organic Certified distillate with undetectable THC is possible.

4. No Solvents
Developed to preserve the integrity of the extract, no solvents are used.

5. Cost Effective
Not only is our process superior, it’s typically less expensive. Ask us how.

6. High Throughput
Increased quantities don’t slow us down. We’re built for scale.

7. cGMP Certified
Each batch is tracked and carefully processed at our cGMP certified facility.

8. Dedicated Support
Along with your account manager, you will receive a dedicated chemist.

Which extract will you save next?

Our THC remediation process is one size fits most. We effectively reduce THC to undetectable levels in CBD crude, distillate, mother liquor, and any other cannabinoid extracts such as CBG.

Treehouse Vs. The State of Chromatography

More Minor Cannabinoids
Total Mass Yield
Detectable Cannabinoids

Treehouse invented the method of THC removal via chromatography. It was our very first patent granted in 2016. However, we found that chromatography has major pitfalls. That’s why our R&D team got to work to develop a new, better and more natural method of THC remediation.

Traditional chromatography often uses solvents and is expensive to scale resulting in high costs passed to the customer. Supercritical fluid chromatography, which often uses CO2, is solvent-free, but results in large losses of minor cannabinoids and a low yield of oil. Any sort of chromatography fractionates the extract destroying the whole plant potential that broad spectrum advocates deserve.

Treehouse follows nature’s lead to reduce THC naturally to undetectable levels. Our patent-pending technology is also USDA organic certified, accommodates scales well over 1500 kg/month, yields 97% of the input volume, and preserves the minor cannabinoid content of the hemp extract. This process is therefore perfect for companies that want to protect the volumes and CBD content of their hard earned extracts and distillates, while also maintaining the broad spectrum benefits of the whole hemp plant.

More About The Process

Product Exploration

Everyone’s starting material is unique. That’s why we schedule a consultative call with one of our PhD chemists to learn more about you, your extract, and your goals. Based on an initial evaluation of your starting material, your dedicated account manager and chemist will develop a plan to best suit your needs. This is so you will feel sure of the end result before handing off your bulk lot.

Our Remediation Technology

Inspired by nature, our gentle solventless remediation method retains and enhances the robust cannabinoid profile inherent in your hemp extract. Our R&D team worked tirelessly to develop a method that doesn’t discard or burn up valuable fractions of the plant like other common chromatography methods. Treehouse also has a USDA organic certified pathway.

USDA Organic Certified

The opportunity for hemp extracts in the natural arena is immense, but high quality USDA organic certified hemp extracts with compliant levels of THC are the key to seizing the full potential of this market. To date, it’s been difficult to find a sophisticated, natural, cGMP and USDA organic certified THC remediation option. Our THC remediation pathway is certified USDA organic, does not require solvents, and retains the full spectrum of the hemp plant.


Your material will be tracked through our validated digital cGMP system and pass through all of our standard protocols. This means testing multiple times during remediation by our dedicated analytical chemists in our premier in-house analytical lab. The final product will arrive with 3rd Party testing from an accredited lab approved and audited by our compliance team. We provide the following analyses with every order: potency, residual solvents, microbial, heavy metals, and pesticides.

Lead Time and Capacity

Treehouse has the capability to process up to 1500 kilograms per month. Our minimum batch size is 50 kilograms with an optional smaller R&D batch before committing a bulk lot. Each batch (up to 800 kgs) requires about 2-3 weeks for processing and testing.

If your needs exceed 3500 kgs, request information about our licensing program. Licensees see up to a 100x reduction in equipment and processing costs. Request more information here >

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